USA’s Premier Technical Gathering of eVTOL Management Industry Leaders, Innovators And Experts Is Back September 2024!


Welcome To The eVTOL Show USA 2024

Participate in this industry-leading event where the eVTOL community, industry leaders, engineers and technologists representing global OEMs and their key suppliers, explore, the exciting future for the eVTOL manufacturing industry and discuss the design, materials, innovations and disruptive technologies shaping the future of air mobility.

The eVTOL show USA is the only forum to specifically address the design, material and manufacturing innovations and implications to meet the demands of commercial roll out

WeAutomotive Group produce some of the world’s leading and most revered conferences, summits, and exhibitions covering electric vehicle, battery technology and smart automotive manufacturing. We are thrilled this year to combine our expertise in next-generation electric mobility, to launch what is poised to be the largest global Conference and Exhibition series for eVTOL manufacturers and their solution providers.

Drawing on our global network, what makes our event format unique is the truly high OEM participation, attracting delegates from all of the majors as well as innovative start-ups from across the world. That same diligence, and commitment to excellence, has been transferred to create a technical forum covering the entire eVTOL product lifecycle.

The agenda has been diligently researched and curated in partnership with the eVTOL community and it’s tiers to ensure it addresses the most pertinent current challenges and key investment areas. The eVTOL Show USA provides attendees with a high-end event experience, unparalleled technical-conference agenda, and the opportunity to engage with the full lifecycle faculty of decision-makers, all under one roof – in a welcoming, personable environment.

Many eVTOL companies have now moved from early stages, concepts, and mock-ups to tangible prototypes and ready to scale manufacturing facilities. Although most are still subscale and pre-certification, many are flying prototypes. The industry has amassed over 6,000 cumulative flight hours of aircraft testing and the race to braking the market is now on. The locations for production facilities are starting to be announced, and several early vertiports have been built, with vertiport players refining their concepts and laying out operating models.

As part of WeAutomotive Group’s premier xEV event portfolio, The eVTOL Show is the hub for the eVTOL industry manufacturing leaders, engineers, maintenance heads, CTOs, technologists, and experts alike; to collectively address the key challenges and industry innovations surrounding the commercialization of eVTOL platforms, paving the way for the next-generation of air mobility.

This conference analyses the commercial readiness of eVTOL aircraft, the technology challenges, the needs for infrastructure, the route to certification, the materials, technology and processes needed to scale up production, as well as cloud infrastructure, supply chain considerations, and battery technology and developments. We hope you can join us!




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Cutting Edge Insight Delivered By eVTOL Experts And Thought Leaders

Explore The Latest Advancements In eVTOL Strategies

Networking Extravanganza The Foremost Networking Event For eVTOL Senior Engineers

Tech Showcase An Exhibition Showcase 100% Dedicated To eVTOL Materials, Technologies And Solutions

A Technical Content-Lead Agenda, Meticulously Researched And Curated In Partnership With The OEMs To Tackle The Critical Now Challenges And Current Areas Of Key Investment


Practical Thermal Management Solutions On Both The Component And System/Vehicle Level: Optimising Cost, Efficiency, Range And Performance

| Conference Topics

  • eVTOL Value Chain And Key Use Cases
  • How eVTOLs Will Be Handled In The Airspace
  • In-Depth Analysis Of Market Trends And Key Developments
  • Certification Process And Handling Of Safety Concerns
  • Finalising And Freezing Designs To Build Conforming Prototypes
  • Focusing On Building Out Their Production Systems
  • Managing Battery Recharging Times
  • Minimizing Turnaround Time And Maximize Number Of Flights Per Aircraft
  • Increasing Range And Shorten Turnaround Times
  • The Challenge Of Off-The-Shelf EV Batteries
  • The Need For A Secure, Robust, And Efficient Cloud Platform
  • Creating A New Low Altitude Air Traffic Management System
  • Incorporating Multiprotocol Label Switching, A Private Ground-Based Network Data Routing Technique For Faster Connections
  • Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Applications In The Cloud
  • Coordinating With The FAA And EASA To Find A Path To Certification
  • Why eVTOL Projects Are Using Performance-Based Requirements In Their Certification Bases
  • Overcoming Differences From Available Certification Requirements
  • Advanced Modelling And Simulation
  • Managing The Complexity Of Loading
  • Developing A Battery To Fit The Unique Needs Of An eVTOL
  • Overcoming Battery Challenges With Cycle Life, Energy Density, And Feasibility
  • Protecting Against Manufacturing Defects At The Cell Level
  • Composites To Meet The Strict Structural Requirements And The Desire For Lightweighting
  • The Growing Use Of Thermoplastic Resin Systems As Production Volumes Increase
  • Increasing Battery Energy Density
  • Is Lithium-Silicon Based Chemistry Presently The Best Solution For eVTOL Applications
  • The Use Of Silicon-Based Anodes With Silicon Oxide As The Active Material
  • Managing Changing Temperature Parameters For Batteries
  • Overcoming Lifecycle Challenges
  • Simulation For eVTOL Pilot TrainingFull Motion Flight Simulators
  • Mixed-Reality Simulators
  • Solid State Batteries
  • Sodium-Ion Batteries
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Noise And Vibrations Mitigation
  • Overcoming The Near-Term Challenges Of The Use Of Fossil Fuel Certification Approaches
  • Approaching New Technology From An Absolute Versus Relative Safety Perspective
  • Managing The Extensive Use Of Automation
  • Thermal Runaway Risks Inherent With Some Lithium-Based Chemistries
  • Handling And Computational Challenges For Battery Data
  • Learning From The Experiences In The EV And Grid Storage Space
  • How To Comply With RTCA DO-311, SAE AIR6897 And FAA AC 20-184
  • Influences From Automotive And Biomimicry In The Cabin Design For eVTOLs
  • Utilizing The Automotive Industry’s Reductive Design Approach
  • Understanding Material Considerations
  • Ensuring That The Cross-Sectional Area Is Minimized To Reduce Drag
  • Adapting More Of The Practices Of The Automotive Sector To Address Growing Demand
  • Combining The Benefits Of Safety And High Standards Of The Aviation Industry
  • Adopt The Latest Thinking, Tools, And Processes In Production
  • The Challenges Of Setting Up Supply Chains And Production Capabilities
  • The Need For More Advanced, Automated, And Digital Manufacturing Processes
  • IFR Could Be A Necessity For Even Some Short Flights
  • The Market For Building And Running The Ground Infrastructure
  • Lack Of Clarity Is Impeding Progress In Finalizing Ground Infrastructure Plans
  • Challenges To Rooftop Vertiports
  • Overcoming The Not In My Backyard Syndrome
  • Can eVTOL Design Achieve The Required Level Of Environmental Sustainability


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| Exhibitor Categories

Electric Propulsion Systems:

  • Exhibitors specializing in electric motor technologies, including high-efficiency electric motors and motor controllers for eVTOL propulsion.

Battery Systems And Energy Storage:

  • Exhibitors offering advanced battery systems, including lithium-ion batteries and next-generation energy storage solutions tailored for eVTOL applications; Battery Thermal Management, Battery Management Systems – Battery Technologies.

Flight Control And Avionics:

  • Exhibitors showcasing flight control systems, avionics components, and navigation systems designed specifically for eVTOL operations.

Aerodynamics And Airframe Design:

  • Exhibitors providing aerodynamic design expertise, airframe components, and lightweight materials to optimize eVTOL efficiency and performance.

Charging Infrastructure:

  • Exhibitors specializing in charging infrastructure solutions for eVTOL vehicles, including charging stations, ground power systems, and wireless charging technologies.

Propeller And Rotor Systems:

  • Exhibitors offering advanced propeller and rotor systems, including composite materials, blade design, and noise reduction technologies for eVTOL applications.

Electric Powertrain Integration:

  • Exhibitors showcasing integrated electric powertrain solutions, including motor, controller, gearbox, and thermal management systems for eVTOL aircraft.

Safety Systems And Certification:

  • Exhibitors providing safety systems, redundancy solutions, and certification services to meet the stringent safety standards and regulatory requirements of eVTOL operations.

Lightweight Materials And Composites:

  • Exhibitors offering lightweight materials, composites, and structural solutions to reduce weight and increase energy efficiency in eVTOL aircraft.

Simulation And Modeling Software:

  • Exhibitors providing simulation and modeling software tools for eVTOL design, performance analysis, and optimization of aerodynamics, energy consumption, and flight characteristics.

Flight Test And Validation Services:

  • Exhibitors specializing in flight test services, validation, and certification support for eVTOL aircraft, including aerodynamic testing, structural testing, and performance evaluation.

Component And Systems Integration:

  • Exhibitors offering component and systems integration services, including system architecture design, electronics integration, and testing for eVTOL platforms.

Power Distribution Systems:

  • Exhibitors specializing in power distribution systems, including electrical distribution panels, circuit breakers, and power management solutions for eVTOL aircraft.

Pilot Control Systems:

  • Exhibitors offering pilot control systems, including flight control interfaces, control panels, and human-machine interfaces (HMIs) for eVTOL operations.


  • Exhibitors providing avionics systems and components, such as displays, communication systems, weather radar, and collision avoidance systems for eVTOL aircraft.

Flight Management:

  • Exhibitors showcasing flight management systems (FMS) and software solutions for route planning, navigation, and performance optimization in eVTOL operations.

Data Management:

  • Exhibitors specializing in data management and analytics platforms, including data acquisition, storage, processing, and data-driven insights for eVTOL operations.


  • Exhibitors offering instrumentation systems, sensors, and measurement devices for monitoring critical parameters, such as altitude, airspeed, and engine performance in eVTOL aircraft.

Navigation Aids:

  • Exhibitors providing navigation aids and systems, including GPS (Global Positioning System), GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), and other positioning technologies for eVTOL operations.


  • Exhibitors specializing in battery technologies for eVTOL applications, including advanced lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries, and innovative battery management systems.

Electrical Power Systems:

  • Exhibitors offering electrical power systems and components, such as generators, inverters, and power conversion units for eVTOL aircraft.

| Trending Topics

The Future Of eVTOLs – How Will The Market For eVTOLs Evolve In The Next 30 Years?

The Pathway To Commercialisation – The Future Air Mobility Industry Is Making Steady Progress But Must Maintain The Momentum To Gain Scale And Meet Certification Timelines

Battery Charging – Pushing The Boundaries Of Battery Recharging To Meet The Requirements Of Large Scale Operations

Certification Transferability, Not Harmonization eVTOL Certification- Where Are They Now And The Challenges That Still Lie Ahead

Developing An Aerospace Cloud System To Meet Other Emerging Needs Of The eVTOL Industry

Complexity Of eVTOL Designs Leads To The Requirement For Modelling To Support The Certification Process

Battery Thermal Management – Electric Vertical Take-Off And Landing (eVTOL) Aircraft Have Unique Battery Challenges That Will Require Developers To Change How They Think About Battery Systems And The Designs Of Electric Vehicles

Composites Opportunities In eVTOLs – As eVTOL OEMs Seek To Advance Program Certification, Production Scale-Up, And Lightweighting, Composites Will Play A Crucial Role

Why Lithium-Ion Batteries Will Remain The Cornerstone Technology For The Successful Introduction Of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM).

Could eVTOL Simulators Be A Bridge To The Future Of Flight Training?

Next-Generation Battery Technology: The Impact Of New Battery Technology On The Future Development Of eVTOLs Should Not Be Underestimated. Lithium-Ion Batteries Are No Longer The Only Choice

Noise And Vibration Considerations In eVTOL Aircraft And Methods Of Control For The Comfort Of The Pilot And Passengers On Board

Harnessing The Recent Achievements On The Certification Process For eVTOL Aircraft To Overcome The Technology Hurdles That Must Be Traversed Before They Can Reach The Finish Line

Determining Battery State Of Health (Soh) And Cell-Level Degradation Becomes A Considerable Challenge If Data Is Not Properly Curated And (Automatically) Analysed After Every Charge/Discharge Cycle.

The Growing Influence Of Automotive Design Techniques To Define The Look And Feel Of eVTOL Aircraft Cabins

Manufacturing: To Move To High-Volume Production, Developers Of eVTOL Aircraft Must Adopt The Disruptive Technologies Being Pursued Across The Manufacturing Sector

No IFR, No eVTOL Air Taxi Services; Adapting To Operate Safely Under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) In Adverse Meteorological Conditions

Infrastructure Barriers To The Elevated Future Of Mobility – Are Cities Ready With The Infrastructure Needed For Urban Air Transportation?

Meeting The Sustainability Challenge – Has The eVTOL Industry Overpromised On Green

| Testimonials

| 2024 Coming Up

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