Join North America’s premier assembly of eVTOL designers, engineers, and senior executives as we concentrate on scaling up eVTOL production at the continent’s largest technical conference and exhibition for eVTOL professionals. This distinguished event will feature a series of in-depth case study presentations, interactive panel discussions, and exclusive networking opportunities, providing a unique platform for industry experts to collaborate and innovate.

As a flagship event in WeAutomotive Group’s premier advanced air mobility portfolio, The eVTOL SHOW USA stands as a preeminent global networking hub for the eVTOL community. This distinguished event connects industry leaders, engineers, CTOs, technologists, and experts to collaboratively tackle the key challenges and pioneering innovations essential for the commercialization of eVTOL platforms, setting the stage for the next generation of air mobility.

Last year’s inaugural event saw over 400 attendees and 60 exhibitors from around the globe, marking it as the largest global gathering of the eVTOL industry to date.

This year’s meticulously curated agenda, developed in collaboration with leading eVTOL manufacturers and their suppliers, addresses the most critical needs and key investment areas. It fosters an environment rich in collaboration, innovation, and education.

The eVTOL SHOW USA offers attendees an unparalleled event experience, featuring a comprehensive technical conference agenda and exclusive opportunities to engage with top decision-makers throughout the eVTOL lifecycle, all within a welcoming and personable setting.

The conference examines the commercial readiness of eVTOL aircraft, technological challenges, infrastructure requirements, certification pathways, and the materials, technologies, and processes necessary for scaling production. It also delves into cloud infrastructure, supply chain considerations, and advancements in battery cells and systems.

What truly sets this event apart is the immense support from the global eVTOL manufacturing community, drawing delegates from all of the major corporations, innovative start-ups, and leading technology providers worldwide.


The eVTOL SHOW USA is the premier forum dedicated to addressing the design, material, and manufacturing innovations required to meet the demands of commercial roll out




The eVTOL SHOW USA equips manufacturers and their suppliers with the cutting-edge tools, technologies, and connections needed to accelerate commercial roll-out. Explore advanced materials, innovative systems, and state-of-the-art processes that provide powerful manufacturing advantages and operational insights. Gain a competitive edge and ensure your operations thrive in an evolving, digitally intelligent landscape.

Join us to discover the future of eVTOL manufacturing and drive the industry forward.

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The global eVTOL manufacturing landscape is undergoing rapid transformation, and the industry needs ingenuity, collaboration and innovation to scale-up and roll-out. With an interactive technology showcase, thought-provoking presentations, and strategic networking sessions, the eVTOL SHOW USA empowers manufacturing leaders and their suppliers to navigate this evolution and address shared challenges to drive long-term growth.




Do you have groundbreaking insights and innovative solutions in the eVTOL industry? We invite you to join our lineup of 40+ expert speakers at this year’s eVTOL Smart Manufacturing 4.0 USA Summit.

Submit your presentation and become a part of our thought leadership community, where you can share your knowledge, engage with industry leaders, and drive the future of aerospace manufacturing.

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your expertise and contribute to the conversation on the latest advancements and trends in eVTOL technology. Submit your presentation today and help shape the future of the industry!

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Seize the opportunity to sponsor and exhibit at the eVTOL SHOW 2024 and position your company at the forefront of the aerospace industry. Our Technology Showcase offers unparalleled visibility and access to key decision-makers, industry leaders, and potential clients.

By sponsoring or exhibiting, you can demonstrate your innovative solutions, connect with top-tier professionals, and drive your business forward.
Highlight your cutting-edge technologies and establish your brand as a leader in the rapidly evolving eVTOL sector.


A meticulously curated, technical content-led agenda developed in partnership with OEMs to address critical challenges and key investment areas.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with leading eVTOL experts. Our lineup features renowned industry names delivering inspiring keynote presentations that explore the latest challenges, real-world business cases, and opportunities to integrate smart materials, technologies and solutions into your current operations.


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eVTOL Market And Value Chain

The eVTOL industry is rapidly developing, and understanding its value chain and key use cases is crucial for stakeholders. This topic explores the entire value chain of eVTOLs, from design and manufacturing to deployment and operation. It includes an in-depth analysis of market trends, key developments, and the challenges of building and running the necessary ground infrastructure, including overcoming the “Not In My Backyard” syndrome.

Battery Technology And Energy Management

Battery technology is a cornerstone of eVTOL performance and efficiency. This topic addresses managing battery recharging times, increasing range, and shortening turnaround times. It explores the challenges of using off-the-shelf EV batteries, developing batteries tailored to eVTOL needs, and overcoming issues related to cycle life, energy density, and feasibility. Additionally, it includes discussions on solid-state batteries, sodium-ion batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, and managing temperature parameters.

Environmental and
Operational Sustainability

Achieving environmental sustainability is a key goal for the eVTOL sector. This topic explores how to design eVTOLs to meet environmental sustainability requirements, noise and vibration mitigation strategies, and learning from experiences in the EV and grid storage spaces. It also addresses managing lifecycle challenges in battery technology and ensuring sustainable operations.

Airspace And Traffic

Effective airspace management is essential for the successful integration of eVTOLs into urban environments. This topic addresses how eVTOLs will be handled in the airspace, including the creation of a new low altitude air traffic management system. It also explores the incorporation of multiprotocol label switching for faster connections and the potential necessity of IFR for short flights, along with the challenges of establishing rooftop vertiports.

Design and Production Systems

Designing and finalizing prototypes while building robust production systems is a critical phase for eVTOL manufacturers. This topic delves into finalizing and freezing designs to build conforming prototypes and focuses on building out efficient production systems. It also covers advanced modeling and simulation, overcoming manufacturing and supply chain challenges, and ensuring structural integrity with composites and thermoplastic resin systems.

Advanced Propulsion Systems

Innovation in propulsion systems is critical for the performance and efficiency of eVTOLs. This topic delves into the latest advancements in electric propulsion technologies, hybrid systems, and new materials that enhance propulsion efficiency. It also examines the challenges of thermal management and noise reduction in propulsion systems.

Certification And Safety

Navigating the certification process and ensuring safety is paramount in the Evtol industry. This topic covers the certification process and handling of safety concerns, including coordination with the FAA and EASA, the use of performance-based requirements, and overcoming differences in certification standards. It also examines compliance with RTCA DO-311, SAE AIR6897, and FAA AC 20-184, as well as approaches to managing thermal runaway risks in lithium-based chemistries.

Automation and Digital Manufacturing

Automation and digital processes are transforming eVTOL manufacturing. This topic focuses on the need for advanced, automated, and digital manufacturing processes, managing the extensive use of automation, and adopting the latest tools and processes in production. It also examines the influence of automotive industry practices and biomimicry in cabin design.

Infrastructure Development and Urban

The successful deployment of eVTOLs requires extensive infrastructure planning and development. This topic explores the challenges and solutions related to urban integration, including the development of vertiports, ground infrastructure, and charging stations. It also covers regulatory and zoning issues, and strategies for ensuring community acceptance.

Pilot Training And Simulation

Training pilots for eVTOL operations is essential for safety and efficiency. This topic covers simulation for eVTOL pilot training, including the use of full-motion flight simulators and mixed-reality simulators. It emphasizes the importance of advanced training tools and techniques to prepare pilots for the unique challenges of operating eVTOL aircraft.

Autonomous Flight And Control Systems

Autonomous flight technology is a game-changer for the eVTOL industry. This topic covers the development and implementation of autonomous flight and control systems, including AI and machine learning applications, sensor technologies, and redundancy systems to ensure safety. It also discusses the regulatory and ethical considerations of autonomous flight.

Interior Design, Materials, And Haptics In eVTOLs

The interior design of eVTOLs plays a crucial role in passenger comfort, safety, and overall experience. As the industry evolves, there is a growing focus on utilizing advanced materials and haptic technologies to create a sophisticated and immersive environment within the cabin. This topic explores the latest trends and innovations in eVTOL interior design, the use of cutting-edge materials, and the integration of haptic feedback systems to enhance the passenger experience.

Regulatory Landscape And Policy Development

Navigating the regulatory landscape is a significant challenge for the eVTOL industry. This topic covers the current state of regulations, the role of international aviation authorities, and the development of policies that facilitate the safe and efficient operation of eVTOLs. It also explores the impact of emerging regulations on the industry and strategies for compliance.

Data Management And Cybersecurity

Managing data and ensuring cybersecurity are major concerns for the eVTOL industry. This topic covers data management strategies, cybersecurity protocols, and the importance of protecting sensitive information. It also explores the role of blockchain and other advanced technologies in enhancing data security.

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Electric Propulsion Systems

Exhibitors specializing in electric motor technologies, including high-efficiency electric motors and motor controllers for eVTOL propulsion.

Safety Systems And Certification

Exhibitors providing safety systems, redundancy solutions, and certification services to meet the stringent safety standards and regulatory requirements of eVTOL operations.


Exhibitors providing avionics systems and components, such as displays, communication systems, weather radar, and collision avoidance systems for eVTOL aircraft.

Battery Systems And Energy Storage

Exhibitors offering advanced battery systems, including lithium-ion batteries and next-generation energy storage solutions tailored for eVTOL applications; Battery Thermal Management, Battery Management Systems – Battery Technologies.

Lightweight Materials And Composites

Exhibitors offering lightweight materials, composites, and structural solutions to reduce weight and increase energy efficiency in eVTOL aircraft.

Flight Management

Exhibitors showcasing flight management systems (FMS) and software solutions for route planning, navigation, and performance optimization in eVTOL operations.

Flight Control And Avionics

Exhibitors showcasing flight control systems, avionics components, and navigation systems designed specifically for eVTOL operations.

Simulation And Modeling Software

Exhibitors providing simulation and modeling software tools for eVTOL design, performance analysis, and optimization of aerodynamics, energy consumption, and flight characteristics.

Data Management

Exhibitors specializing in data management and analytics platforms, including data acquisition, storage, processing, and data-driven insights for eVTOL operations.

Aerodynamics And Airframe Design

Exhibitors providing aerodynamic design expertise, airframe components, and lightweight materials to optimize eVTOL efficiency and performance.

Flight Test And Validation Services

Exhibitors specializing in flight test services, validation, and certification support for eVTOL aircraft, including aerodynamic testing, structural testing, and performance evaluation.


Exhibitors offering instrumentation systems, sensors, and measurement devices for monitoring critical parameters, such as altitude, airspeed, and engine performance in eVTOL aircraft.

Charging Infrastructure

Exhibitors specializing in charging infrastructure solutions for eVTOL vehicles, including charging stations, ground power systems, and wireless charging technologies.

Component And Systems Integration

Exhibitors offering component and systems integration services, including system architecture design, electronics integration, and testing for eVTOL platforms.

Navigation Aids

Exhibitors providing navigation aids and systems, including GPS (Global Positioning System), GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), and other positioning technologies for eVTOL operations.

Propeller And Rotor Systems

Exhibitors offering advanced propeller and rotor systems, including composite materials, blade design, and noise reduction technologies for eVTOL applications.

Power Distribution Systems

Exhibitors specializing in power distribution systems, including electrical distribution panels, circuit breakers, and power management solutions for eVTOL aircraft.

Batteries, Systems & Technologies 

Exhibitors specializing in battery technologies for eVTOL applications, including advanced lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries, and innovative battery management systems.

Electric Powertrain Integration

Exhibitors showcasing integrated electric powertrain solutions, including motor, controller, gearbox, and thermal management systems for eVTOL aircraft.

Pilot Control Systems

Exhibitors offering pilot control systems, including flight control interfaces, control panels, and human-machine interfaces (HMIs) for eVTOL operations.

Electrical Power Systems

Exhibitors offering electrical power systems and components, such as generators, inverters, and power conversion units for eVTOL aircraft.


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Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your latest technologies and solutions at this year’s highly anticipated eVTOL Show Conference and Exhibition

As the leading platform for eVTOL advancements, our conference brings together top experts, researchers, and industry leaders in the field of eVTOL. This is your chance to share your breakthroughs, network with key players, and drive collaboration in the rapidly evolving eVTOL landscape.

By sponsoring and exhibiting at our conference, you’ll gain unparalleled exposure to a global audience of decision-makers, influencers, and potential customers. Showcase your products, services, and expertise through our interactive exhibits, engaging presentations, and dynamic panel discussions.

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Position your brand in front of a highly targeted audience of eVTOL professionals, including designers, engineers, and executives from the urban air mobility industry. Enhance your visibility through prominent logo placement, engaging booth displays, and speaking opportunities.

Thought Leadership

Establish your company as a thought leader in the eVTOL community by sharing your latest innovations, insights, and best practices at the eVTOL Show. Showcase your expertise through presentations, panel discussions, and technical workshops to cement your position as an industry leader.

Networking Opportunities

Forge valuable connections with leading experts, decision-makers, and potential customers in the eVTOL industry. The eVTOL Show offers extensive networking opportunities, including dedicated breaks, an all-attendee evening drinks reception, VIP dinners, and one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders.

Market Intelligence

Stay ahead of the competition by accessing the latest market trends, research findings, and technological advancements in the eVTOL industry. The eVTOL Show features a diverse range of sessions covering various aspects of eVTOL technology, providing valuable insights for your business strategy.

Global Reach

The eVTOL Show attracts participants from around the world, offering a truly global platform to showcase your products and services. Expand your market reach, explore new business opportunities, and connect with international partners.

Don’t Miss Out On This Unique Opportunity To Be Part Of The eVTOL Community!

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“The eVTOL SHOW USA 2024 was an unparalleled experience. The depth of technical knowledge shared and the quality of networking opportunities provided a comprehensive overview of the industry’s direction. It’s a must-attend event for anyone serious about the future of eVTOL technology.”Chief Technology Officer, Skyward Aviation:

“The opportunity to engage with key decision-makers and industry pioneers at the eVTOL SHOW USA 2024 was incredible. The event’s well-curated agenda covered everything from advanced battery technologies to regulatory challenges, providing a holistic view of the eVTOL landscape.” – Senior Vice President, FlyNext

“The eVTOL SHOW USA 2024 offered a perfect blend of technical sessions and networking opportunities. The discussions on material qualification, production processes, and scaling were particularly insightful, helping us refine our strategies and stay ahead in the market.” –  Director of Innovation, AeroTech

“Attending the eVTOL SHOW USA was a game-changer for our operations. The insights into automation, digital manufacturing, and infrastructure development provided us with actionable knowledge to enhance our processes and drive efficiency.” – Operations Manager, NextGen Aircraft

“The eVTOL SHOW USA stands out as the premier event for eVTOL professionals. The level of detail in the technical presentations and the opportunity to interact with industry leaders were unmatched. This event is crucial for anyone looking to make a significant impact in the eVTOL sector.” – Chief Engineer, AeroVista

“Participating in the eVTOL SHOW USA has been immensely valuable for our team. The insights gained from the case study presentations and interactive panels were directly applicable to our projects. The event’s focus on innovation and collaboration truly sets it apart.”Lead Engineer, AeroInnovate:

“Sponsoring the drinks reception at the eVTOL SHOW USA was a fantastic way to increase our brand visibility and connect with potential partners. The branded elements and interactive engagement opportunities exceeded our expectations and provided significant value.” – CEO, Urban Mobility Solutions

“The eVTOL SHOW USA is where the future of urban air mobility takes shape. The event’s comprehensive agenda and high-caliber speakers made it an essential gathering for anyone involved in eVTOL development. We’re already looking forward to next year.” – Head of Product Development, Electra Air

“The focus on sustainability at the eVTOL SHOW USA was truly inspiring. The sessions on battery technology, environmental impact, and regulatory landscape provided a clear path forward for making our operations greener and more sustainable.” – Head of Sustainability, Green Flight Initiative

“The eVTOL SHOW USA provided exceptional opportunities to forge meaningful connections with industry influencers and potential clients. The event’s atmosphere of collaboration and innovation was palpable, making it an invaluable experience for our business development efforts.” – Business Development Manager, UrbanAir

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